The manufacturing of the pupRUNNER® trailer has been temporarily suspended, due to the unexpected and tragic loss of the creator and founder, Ben Carter. Please check back for future updates.


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"Riding with the PupRunner felt rather normal and safe. I ride a bit, so I wanted to make sure the thing would work. I went over holes, branches, etc. At all times, it worked perfectly, and the dogs stayed put."

"All in all, a great product and a great company."

Paco & Lola - two dogs sitting in a pupRUNNER Large

Luis B. - California

"Wanted to thank you ever so much for our trailer. We love it! Excellent quality!  We need another trailer for my wife."

P's. Thanks to Ben for the quality service.



small dog in a pupRUNNER stroller attached to a bike

"The Pup Runner is a great way to exercise your dog. The PupRunner bike trailer for dogs is the best thing since dog daycare or the Chuck It. Learn how to easily exercise your dog with the Amazing Dog Training Man and the Pup Runner"


Dog trainer sitting with dog reviewed the pupRUNNER bike stroller

Eric Letendre, The Amazing Dog Training Man

"Obi is PupRunning with pleasure at 6 mph; we're up to a mile and a half on neighborhood roads. His energy is ready for higher mileage, but we're working up slowly to make sure his pads can take it."


dog in a Standard size dog stroller for bikes


The pupRUNNER® is the only dog bike trailer that has patented fold up/down solid aluminum floors. This allows you to use the trailer as a great way to exercise your dog in the safety of a solid body trailer. When your dog is tired, fold down the floors and your dog can ride home.

The pupRUNNER® is engineered to fold flat for easy storage and transport. This additional patented folding feature makes it ideal to hang on to a garage hook, attach to most car bike racks, and slide into that space under the stairs.



pupRUNNER dog stroller floor left side closedpupRUNNER Dog Stroller with right side closedpupRUNNER dog stroller floors closed to carry a dog


Dog Stroller for bikes collapsed for easy storage

US PATENT 9,108,697

pupRUNNER dog stroller for bikes floors completely open for running dogs behind a bike

US PATENT 8,950,767